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Youth and Family Services receives cash donation, new bikes from Strider


Youth and Family Services receives cash donation, new bikes from Strider

Youth and Family Services is receiving more than ten thousand dollars today from Strider Bikes International and dozens of bikes, too. The cash will go towards a new building at YFS on East Adams Street.

Strider Sports is donating $11,000 to support Youth and Family Services with building upgrades. In addition to the donation, Strider will also be donating 73 new Strider bikes to the YFS program.

Susie Marcks, Marketing Director for Strider Bike International said, “We always really love Youth and Family Services and the kids here; we say they are our best test riders. We had an opportunity, we had a really great year to make Christmas come early and donate a whole truckload of bikes to all the kids here, and then some end of year giving money, too.”

Strider is the world’s premier manufacturer and marketer of no-pedal balance bikes, which give kids a chance to exercise and play at an early age.

“We know that time and time again that exercise is good for people of any age, and this is a great opportunity to get them started on a healthy lifestyle by getting them on some of these Strider bikes,” said John Julius, CEO of Youth and Family Services.

Youth and Family Services received $11,000 as well as a facility expansion to create more space for kids than they previously had at their Adams Street location. The new expansion includes a revamped playground for the kids, as well as a new building, which will provide services for the children.

Julius also said, “We have all sorts of services that we provide through this building now. We have child care services, pre-school services, school aid services, and right up above me is a greenhouse. We were then able to convert some of the existing building into other programs that we have to offer for middle school students, so it’s just been a great addition.”

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