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Rapid City Daily is a stand-alone site covering news of the local area, including stories from around the region and beyond. Additionally we provide community stories, sports reports and Coronavirus updates.

We appreciate our readers and work hard everyday to provide them with unbiased news and information. Rapid City Daily is the most popular and innovative website in Rapid City, SD and it receives nearly 30,000 page views a month.

On any given day, the Rapid City Daily website contains more than 15 active news articles, editorials, sports and community stories. We’re all about Rapid City and the other local areas. We are not afraid of controversy.

Rapid City Daily is known for digging beneath the headlines to bring readers the whole story. While some newspapers seem to publish shorter and shorter stories, Rapid City Daily puts each story in context. From the beginning, we have sought to be the “choice of smart newspaper readers.”

Our news stories and opinions have frequently been republished by other news media as well as civic and government organizations. Our archives contain a vast amount of information about Rapid City, SD – accumulated in news reports and photos, based on our knowledge of the area.

Rapid City Daily was launched in April 2017 by Frank Lauby. Frank has nearly 8 years of newspaper experience in all areas. He has received state awards for news coverage and photography. He is experienced in graphic arts, advertising and administration.

At Rapid City Daily, we seek to build trusted local communities where people thrive. We exist to make communities stronger. We inform and empower our communities. As a modern news website, we foster deep and vital connections among our communities and the world around them. 

In addition, we share a commitment to supporting local commerce, enabling businesses to connect with customers and to thrive. We will continue to connect people to content that matters, and businesses to the customers that they want to reach.

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