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Rapid City updates on parks, fields reopening

Rapid City

Rapid City updates on parks, fields reopening

– City fields/courts opening this weekend:

    • Tennis courts
    • Basketball courts
    • Volleyball courts
    • Leased baseball fields ***Lessees must submit COVID-19 action plan for approval by Rapid City Parks and Recreation***
        – Park restrooms will remain closed – Park shelters/playground equipment will remain closed -Swim Center/Ice Arena will remain closed – All Rapid City Parks special events are cancelled through June – Decision on public pools will come in mid-to-late May – Rapid City Area Schools will open Sioux Park track and field and adjacent soccer fields beginning Thursday, April 30. There will also be a meeting tomorrow between the city of Rapid City and RCAS district. – Summer Nights will delay until July

Other Rapid City news:

      • Building permitting is strong
      • Construction is strong
      • City government considering when to reopen Rapid City Hall
      • City Landfill experiencing record volume of traffic

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