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Local doctor gives face masks best practices 2020


Local doctor gives face masks best practices 2020

Many question if wearing the mask and possible bacteria can create new worries.

Dr. Spahn of Founder’s Park Clinic says washing your cloth face covering or wearing disposable masks is the best way to stay away from bacteria.

“When you wear a mask such as what I’m wearing, these are disposable, and if they built up from fluids or solid matter, they are supposed to be disposed of right away. Switching to a new mask will completely avoid that issue,” Spahn said.

While the mask is an important tool in fighting the disease, knowing how and when to wear them is also important.

Caroly Laco, a Rapid City resident, says, ” I don’t think that’s any problem if you balance where you wear the mask, it’s gonna protect you more from the disease that we don’t know that much about.”

For those actively exercising, Spahn recommends wearing the mask to protect others. If you are concerned about bacteria, wear a disposable one.

Spahn says he is seeing a significant number of patients benefiting from wearing masks.

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