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Embracing the new normal in business


Embracing the new normal in business

After more than three months of partial lockdown, now we enter the next episode of the COVID-19 pandemic called the “new normal”, during which cities, states and countries cautiously open. So, what is the new normal actually? The new normal is the new way of living that forces every citizen to strictly follow health protocols such as wearing a mask, washing hands, avoiding crowds, keeping a distance etc. This new way of living will make a huge impact on consumer lives, and obviously brands will also need to adapt to changes in consumer behavior in this new normal era. If there is a key mindset that we need to adapt with these changes it is this: We will never return to the world that we knew before this crisis, so stop thinking that things will go back to normal because they aren’t going to. The world is going to be a different place, let’s hope for the better. The positive side is, it is time for brand managers and marketers to propose a marketing or advertising strategy that you think is ideal, where in the past it might have been difficult to get approved by a board of directors who always played it safe.

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