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Doctor says flu shots are as important as ever this year


Doctor says flu shots are as important as ever this year

It’s time to also start thinking about another virus: the flu. According to the CDC, each year, the flu season occurs in the fall and winter, peaking between December and February. But, with everyone’s attention on the coronavirus, are people thinking about getting the flu vaccine?

“I think every year it’s very important to get flu shots, but I this year more than others just because of everything from a COVID standpoint, we want to keep everybody as healthy as possible,” said Taylor Kapsch, a doctor with Creekside Medical Clinic.

Kapsch also said many people have already gotten their flu shots.

“Our flu shots are flying off the shelves, we actually can’t keep them in stock because people are so interested this year in particular with COVID and everything else, I think there’s a heightened awareness from the importance of flu shots,” said Kapsch.

One person said, despite taking extra precautions because of the pandemic, she gets the flu shot because it doesn’t stop you from getting the flu, it stops you from dying from it.

“It’s a tried and true preventative and I’m a busy person,” said Liz Anderson. “We’re all busy, we all have things to do, I don’t have time to be knocked down with a case of the flu.”

Another person said they already got their flu shot and think it’s even more important this year.

“How are we going to tell whether you’ve got the flu or you’ve got something more serious,” said Lyle McGlothlin. “I think it’s insane not to do it, personally.”

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