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Physical therapy brought to your home


Physical therapy brought to your home

Many people believe that doing physical therapy can be time-consuming — especially if you include wait times in the lobby to see your physician. One local couple has a new business that’s hoping to change that perspective.

Ashley and Garrett Pfeiffer started Concierge Health S-D to bring physical therapy directly to you. Their cars work as a mobile clinic and bring all the equipment needed for treatment directly to your home or workplace.

Together they have around 18 years of experience. They started their clinic to provide for those who need physical therapy, but don’t want to be in a normal clinic setting. They say P-T can also boost your overall health by helping you manage stress, nutrition, and your sleep schedule…. all without having to jump through the traditional hoops involving insurance companies.

“The way our business is set up is people pay up front and then I have as much time as I need to have one on one care with these individuals. I can spend over an hour at their house, in their own environment looking at their own specific health need,”

“I think most employers would be on board with an employee who doesn’t have to leave work. Who can feel better at work, and we can tailor our services to their work environment and expand upon or improve their work environment,”

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