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D.W. finally got to celebrate his fourth birthday


D.W. finally got to celebrate his fourth birthday

After being airlifted to a Colorado hospital back in February, D.W. spent his birthday recovering before he headed home early May.

Now he finally celebrates his fourth birthday.

Despite suffering from some major injuries, D.W. celebrated another birthday on April 11th in a hospital room.

But a loud and happier celebration was set today.

Chalkstone Drive erupted in motors as seventy-nine motorcyclists, a few cars, and first responders all drove by to give D.W. a special birthday.

The gift table was full but there was one gift that stood out, a truck with a basketball hoop attached to the back of it.

His grandma Jennifer Paschke was overwhelmed by all the support.

“It is so overwhelming and wonderful and amazing. I just don’t even have words right now, I can’t even think. It’s just I’m so overwhelmed I just feel so much love here today,” said Paschke. “There’s so much love especially today with what’s going on in the world, this is just a bright, beautiful, fantastic spot about how wonderful and compassionate people actually are.”

Jennifer says this celebration will definitely be a moment D.W. will never forget.

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