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Helping the Rapid City community during the pandemic

South Dakota

Helping the Rapid City community during the pandemic

Feeding South Dakota continues to help those in need, even during the pandemic.

Currently, the organization distributes food boxes drive-thru style every Wednesday at the Fairgrounds in Rapid City.

Typically, the food boxes contain dry goods, produce, and frozen meals.

Communications Coordinator for Feeding South Dakota, Jennifer Stensaas, says they’re serving nearly 500 families each week.

Over the last couple of weeks, that number has increased a bit.

As far as the food supply chain, Stensaas says the amount of non-perishable food items available is very slim.

“It’s nice to have fresh produce, and we’re grateful for that causes there’s an abundance of it. Not having access to non-perishables is kind of a challenge for a lot of our families. Because there is a longer shelf life to them, it’s a great to have even in your own o you know the things you would be stocking your food panty at home with are those same things we need to give to our families,” says Stensaas.

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